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Question 1

In September, a district manager meets with one of his key customers, who explains that his daughter is going back to school and that she will need an iPad… 

Can you offer her one?

Yes No

Question 2

Harry runs a contract catering restaurant. The relationship with the client's teams and their management has always been good. For the end of the year, he wants to offer a gift to the people with whom he is in touch on a daily basis. He brings a case of champagne to share at a drinks reception and gives each guest a Christmas pudding.

Is this permitted?

Yes No

Question 3

SPEEDSERVICE has been discussing for months with BIGCORPORATION, signing a potential major contract for the supply of meals.

At the end of a negotiation meeting, the BIGCORPORATION negotiator sets out a new request: it would be extremely favourable if SPEEDSERVICE included in the contract an offer of meals on wheels that could benefit all employees of the company for which SPEEDSERVICE would be paid.

Can SPEEDSERVICE accept this request?

Yes No

Question 4

The manager of a restaurant needs to reinforce the power lines in his kitchens because the current installation is always breaking down.


The employee of the electricity company says he cannot attend to it before two weeks.  However he could come along next week in return for a dinner for two all-expenses paid.

Can the manager accept?

Yes Non

Question 5

Pablo runs a company that delivers meals to homes from a central kitchen. Luis is in charge of the city's municipal services responsible for ensuring compliance with health and safety standards in the catering industry. They play football together every Sunday.

One day, Luis asks Pablo if he can lend him, on his day off, the company's delivery van to help his son move house.

Can Pablo accept?

Yes Non

Question 6

Pierre, Retention Director at SPEEDSERVICE, is negotiating the renewal of the contract with BIGCORPORATION to manage the contract catering restaurant.

To demonstrate the relevance of a new concept he wants to implement, Pierre proposes to invite the entire bid team for lunch in one of the Group's restaurants, where the concept is already being demonstrated.

Can he do this ?

Yes Non

Question 7

Paul is in charge of the contract catering restaurant of BELLECOMPAGNIE.


The assistant to the CEO of BELLECOMPAGNIE contacts him to ask him if he can prepare a traditional wedding cake on a tiered cake stand for the wedding of the CEO's daughter.

Question 8

Piotr, manager of a gourmet restaurant, has a contact who works in the administrative services of the town hall.


Piotr, who is of foreign origin, would like his wife to join him, but the administrative procedures are long and complicated.


His contact calls him and asks him for a service: "I would absolutely love to organise my wedding anniversary in your restaurant which is the best restaurant in town, but I am told that there are no tables for a month and it is too pricey.


If you can help me get a reservation and a "friend’s rate" next week, I'll make it up to you. By the way, we need to talk about your wife's case."

Question 9

A business manager comes to you for advice: he has a query because his wife has just accepted a position as an assistant in the temporary employment agency used regularly by your company.

Is this possible ?

yes No

Question 10

A sales representative of the Company presents a comprehensive service offer to the corporate services manager of a health care facility. This presentation is very voluminous and includes many videos.


At the end of the meeting, the director says she is interested but would very much appreciate to have all the information presented to her on an external hard drive because possibly her computer would not have the capacity to store such a large amount of information.

Can he give her a hard drive?

Yes No

Question 11

The City of Belleville is launching a major campaign to promote sports among young people. It requests the support of SPEEDSERVICE.


In exchange, it promised to entrust SPEEDSERVICE with the management of the city's canteens.


Yes No

Question 12

Jacques is responsible for a cleaning and facility management contract in a large hospital complex. The relationship with the client's team and their management has always been good. For the end of the year, he wants to offer a gift to the people with whom he is in touch on a daily basis. He orders 20 USB sticks marked Elior and distributes them to the customer's teams.

Is this permitted ?

Yes No

Question 13

David runs a company restaurant. The relationship with the client's teams and their management has always been good. For the end of the year, he wants to offer a gift to the people with whom he is in touch on a daily basis. He brings ten magnums of champagne and manages to have them put in the boot of the cars of the ten most influential people to him. 

Is he right to do so ?

Yes No

Question 14

During a year, a buyer individually accepts a case of good wine on 5 separate occasions, each containing 6 bottles from the same supplier. According to the latter, it is only a matter of "maintaining good commercial relationships". 

Is the buyer exposed to a risk of corruption ?

Yes No

Question 15

To convince prospects who are heads of corporate services of private companies, one of your employees proposes a one-day trip to Barcelona to take them on a tour of an establishment that represents the Group's expertise and has no equivalent in your country or region. The programme of this visit would be as follows:

  • Flight to Barcelona in the morning.
  • Visit of the "reference" establishment and lunch on site.
  • As there is time available, visit of La Sagrada Familia "to add a cultural and playful touch to the day.
  • Return flight with the last flight of the evening.

Everything is paid for by your company. The total cost of the day per person is 220 euros.

Do you give your agreement without restrictions?

Yes No

Question 16

One of your former colleagues with whom you have stayed in touch, now working for a competitor group, invites you to have lunch together to hear from you and discuss the market evolution in your sector. 

Can you accept this proposal ?

Yes No

Question 17

Your regional management has subscribed to a year-round subscription for the matches of the first division football team in your region, so you have four places for each match. To comply with the group's entertainment policy, do you have to apply all the rules in the list below?


A : do not always invite the same people

B : do not extend these invitations to family members of clients

C : do not invite prospects during the tender or contract negotiation period

D : do not invite customer during the tender renewal period